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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why shoud I buy a Softub spa over a traditional hard tub?

Comfort - The most comfortable spa you will ever experience! Portability - Move it anytime, anywhere. Lightweight, goes with you when you move. Convenience - No site preparation, just flat and level is all that's required. Simplicity - No special 220 volt circuit, uses common 110 volt service. Dependability - Innovative design has much fewer parts, lasts years and years. Efficiency - Uses 1/2 to 1/3 the electricity of a typical hard tub. Availability - Set between 80 and 104 degrees, and it is always hot and ready! Flexibility - No restrictive to move around freely and sit where you are comfortable. Safe - No hard surfaces anywhere! Just pillow-soft sides and bottom for the ultimate spa experience. Affordability - Our top-of-the-line model is less than the bottom-of-the-line hard spa. And, who wants to buy the bottom-of-the-line model?

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Who do I call when I need to order Softub chemicals or accessories.

Please call Customer Service at 866-357-7638 or email to

Who do I call when I have a service or parts question? Please call Customer Service at 866-357-7638 or email to

How do I set up my Softub spa? 1. Select a flat, level surface within 10 feet of an electrical outlet. 2. Lay the black lid straps down on the ground, crossing each other, like the letter "X". 3. Set the lid strap combinations to 00 on all four of the strap buckles. 4. Center your Softub spa on top of the lid straps. 5. Place the lid on top of the Softub and connect all four lid straps. Adjust strap length if necessary to fit into the buckles. CAUTION: Pulling too hard on the lid straps might cause the plastic buckle clips to break. 6. Connect the Hydromate pump to your Softub by pushing the (2) blue rubber hoses and (1) clear hose onto the corresponding fittings on the tub. The pipes from the tub should slide inside the connecting hoses at least 1". 7. Adjust the metal hose clamps into place (near each of the edges of the blue hose), and tighten them with a standard flat screwdriver. 8. If you purchased the T300+, you will also need to clip the gray wires together. This is for your low-voltage light inside the tub. 9. Make sure all the wrinkles in the liner are smoothed out and add 1-2 inches of water. Stop filling, and add 1 tablespoon of Softcare chlorine from your water treatment kit. 10. When all wrinkles are removed, continue filling until the water level is about 2" above the highest jet. 11. Plug in your Softub. It will detect that the water temperature is below 100 and turn on to begin heating. 12. Set the temperature on the display to your preference, between 80 and 104. Your tub will heat at the rate of approximately 1 degree per hour. Please keep the lid on your tub and the air bubbles turned off for maximum heating efficiency.

How often do I need to change my filter? The manufacturer recommends changing your filter once per year.

How do I install a Pulse-Flo Jet? To install the Pulse-Flo Jet, first you need to remove the existing jet nozzle. Place your thumb into the nozzle and pull it firmly. If it resists, move it side to side as you pull. It will snap out. Snap the Pulse-Flo Jet into place, white end first.

How much chlorine should I add when it is low? You should be using a test strip regularly to measure your chlorine, pH, and alkalinity. If your chlorine is low, add 1 teaspoon and let it go to work for about an hour. Measure it again. If it is low again, then most of the first teaspoon was used up to control something that was growing in your water. Add another teaspoon and let it work for another hour. The ideal chlorine level is between 3 and 5 ppn (parts per million). Don't add more than a teaspoon at a time unless you've just filled the tub with fresh water--then you may use 1 tablespoon.

How do I adjust the pH balance of my water? You should be using a test strip to measure the pH level, free chlorine, and total alkalinity of your water. Balancing the pH level of your water is essential because low or high pH levels can damage your Softub liner. The ideal pH level is 7.6. If your test strip shows lower than 7.6 then add pH Up. If it shows higher than 7.6, use pH Down.

How often should I change the water in my Softub? Most Softub owners change their water every 3-6 months, depending on usage. However, you should change your water any time it looks cloudy, or smells abnormal. Water can hold only a limited amount of dissolved solids before you notice one of these conditions.

Why does my filter light not turn on? Your Softub is filtering the water any time the pump is running. The filter light turns on only during a filter cycle, which happens only when your Softub has not run a heat cycle in the last 12 hours.

What does it mean when my display shows "IPS" or "IP5"? IPS means Insufficiant Power Supply. Any time voltage drops below 105 volts the unit's "smart chip" will shut the motor down to protect it until the correct power is restored.

How much does a Softub weigh when full of water?

A 140 gallon Softub spa weighs 1300 lbs, a 220 gallon Softub spa weighs 2000 lbs and a 300 gallon Softub spa weighs 2700 lbs including the pak, lid and filled tub.

How long will a Softub Spa last? Talk about peace of mind, we have many Softub Spas still in operation after over 20 years of service.

How well does the vinyl hold up outside?

The vinyl is a marine grade vinyl that is designed to withstand the harshest climates and sun. That means, with care, you can expect many years of great service.

How does it heat with no heater? We use a revolutionary heat recovery system which uses the heat created by the pump motor. What that means to you is operating costs that are a fraction of the cost of a hard tub, a reduction of service problems and extension of the life of the motor by keeping it cool.

How long have Softub Spa's been around? Softub spa's have been manufactured since 1985 and some of the very first tubs are still in customer's backyards